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Beekeeping School

Our class registration for 2020 is now closed! Our 2021 classes will be held the last two weeks of January in 2021, and the first two weeks of February, 2021. You will only need to take one class. 2021 Class registration will open in July, 2020. If you want to learn more in the meantime, you can always become a member!

When our schools are in session, learning is fun and easy when you attend the ECOBA Earl James Bee School. You will learn about:

  • The colony & its organization
  • The equipment and tools involved & the components of a hive
  • Starting with bees
  • How to take care of your bees
  • Managing Maladies
  • Honey production & processing

We will teach you getting started with bees,  practical beekeeping, pest management, wintering your bees and so much more! The instructors are experienced beekeepers with a love for teaching.

All single registrant fees include a workbook with additional registrants having the the option to purchase additional workbooks for additional attendees, or share a workbook; a one-year membership in our East Central Ohio Beekeepers Assoc.; a first year complimentary membership in the Ohio State Beekeepers Assoc.; a hands-on teaching beeyard annually, & deep discounts on products & supplies available as a member of our association. Class fee is non-refundable. Classes will be held at the Taft Reserve South,  10383 Fairview Rd SE, Newark, OH 43055. 

Basic Hive kits will also be available for registrants to order at an extreme discount.  Hive kit orders are limited when registering for class, but you will have an opportunity at the end of class to order additional kits. We will hold a Build Day weekend in March following beekeeping classes, and a Package bee installation day that kicks off our teaching beeyard in April.

Additional hands on training, equipment building sessions, etc. will be offered and announced during your class session, and mentors will be available to you to assist after the classroom sessions are over. Monthly meetings are also held for our entire membership which provide for additional knowledge, bulk purchasing opportunities, volunteer and practical, hands on events. An active first and second year teaching beeyard round out the bundle of benefits realized through your class fee.

If you have registered, we will contact you closer to your actual class date as a reminder and to let you know what to expect, and with the details of the class. We look forward to seeing you in a class in 2020!

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Scholarship Application

The application is now closed until July 2020.

Our Scholarship Application is open to youth  under the age of 18.  Any applications postmarked after November 30 will not be considered or reviewed.

Scholarship Application - now closed until June 2020

Files coming soon.

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ECOBA is a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization. All proceeds from your tax deductible donation to ECOBA will go towards furthering our cause of providing quality bee education and supporting sustainable beekeeping practices in our area. Protecting honey bees is critical as they help provide much of the food on our tables. 

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